Renaissance  Braids

TyKaren Ribble and I at Scarborough Renaissance Faire  2013

Mike Grace and Rashanna Lynn at           Scarborough Faire  2015 

Mike Grace and Karen Ribble SRF  2014

Michael Grace at the Texarkana Renaissance Faire 2015

     My name is Michael Grace and I have been braiding hair for about  three years now. I live in the Weatherford, Texas area and  I am currently braiding at Renaissance and Medieval fairs around Texas and Oklahoma.  Most recently, I braided at the 2015 Norman, OK fair and just finished Scarborough Renaissance Faire, a multi-week event in Texas. In Sept. I braided at the Texarkana Renaissance Faire in Texarkana, Tx. I will be back at Scarborough Fair in April of 2016  as booth manager for The Braided Image.When I am not braiding at fairs, I am available for private parties, weddings, sports events, and other venues. I have a portfolio of available styles to choose from, or together we can design something special. My specialties are braided ribbon and multiple braided accents. For certain events that may have theme colors, I can usually match hair decorations. Please feel free to call for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs.
      I am always asked how I became interested in hair braiding. I have two daughters at home  and thought It would be nice to be able to braid their hair for school. I also have a wonderful friend, Karen Ribble, owner of  Braided Image, whom I had met many years ago. She  has been braiding all of her life. Karen needed a partner to braid with her on occasion, so she began to teach me her techniques. I soon discovered that I enjoyed the creation of wearable art and the interaction with clients. I have always enjoyed learning new skills and  find satisfaction in making others feel good about themselves. At Renaissance Braids, my goal is to make every client feel special.

This is our setup at the Norman Renaissance Faire OK.  2015Type